We are a group of Pintuyanons, working abroad who are loyal, and whose interest & visions are geared towards the betterment & a continue progress of our beloved town, Pintuyan.


There has never been before than today's internet technology, that Pintuyanons scattered around the globe are getting closer & closer, making the world smaller for us & reconnecting one another making it possible. Then, the creation of our own web site www.pintuyan.ph comes into reality, a web site we call our home-base center of communication. Here, we can continue keeping in touch & be updated of situation which we wanted to share.


Yes, we may be located miles away from our own town & from our own beloved families & friends, but still the fact remains, that there is no place like home. There's always a part in our heart the longings & the inspirations to be home & that home is PINTUYAN!!


"Once a Pintuyanon, always a Pintuyanon" & the "genuine respect to our Patron, Saint Michael the Archangel", are the two mottoes beautifully handed by our ancestors to all of us & to the coming generations.


This web site is dedicated to beautiful & loving Pintuyanons, locally & worldwide. The message is simple: LOYALTY, SOLIDARITY & AIM HIGH FOR A PROGRESSIVE PINTUYAN! MABUHAY ANG PINTUYAN & PINTUYANONS!



1. To support our local municipal gov't in the promotion of projects like tourism, industries (handicraft), & agriculture which has a potential impact in the business market.

2. To encourage everyone to contribute & generate realistic ideas/ambitions & help to its implementation, of a particular plan & projects that can result to a progressive Pintuyan.

3. To support creating interest to younger generation the importance of setting their goal to be in the working force, both locally & abroad.

4. To cultivate ourselves the awareness of being cooperative & has the readiness to support & help the younger generation the interest in developing their talents & skills.

5.To reconnect, maintain a lasting contact & promote comraderie with each other, while living & working abroad or outside of Pintuyan.

6.To create awareness & the importance of maintaining good communication with our families & friends left behind.



This web site is democratic-oriented, non-profit making, non-sectarian in religion & not affiliated to or connected directly with ny political party or political organization.


~ ~ Lilibeth Oppura Jensen