Services of Southern Leyte Province
Provincial Services of Southern Leyte
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Based on IPHO data, the following are the health facilities in the province of Southern Leyte

  • Government Health Facilities:
    • Southern Leyte Provincial Hospital with 100 beds capacity
    • Sogod District Hospital with 50 beds capacity
    • Pintuyan District Hospital with 25 beds capacity
    • Anahawan District Hospital with 50 beds capacity
    • Hinunangan Community Hospital with 10 beds capacity
    • 20 Rural Health Units/Main Health Centers
    • 98 Barangay Health Stations
  • Private Health Facilities
    • Private Clinic/ Hospitals (in-patients):
      • Hinunangan - 1
      • Hinundayan - 2
      • Sogod - 2
      • Malitbog - 2
    • Private Clinics (out-patients):
      • Maasin - 7
      • Sogod - 2
      • San Juan - 1


  • Southern Leyte being an agricultural province has 152 irrigation facilities to support its food production thrust covering a total service area of 5,678.1 hectares:
    • Of the 152 irrigation systems, 7 CISs are non-operational, 24 are operational but needs rehabilitation, 5 small farm reservoirs are operational during wet seasons only, and 3 shallow tube wells are non-operational the rest of the systems are operational.

Waste Disposal

  • In the province, majority of the municipalities adopts the composting and burning system of wastes disposal.
  • Maasin City has a garbage compactor and dump trucks to haul refuse within the town proper on certain schedule. Sogod, Silago, and Liloan have also utilized mini-dump trucks to haul their refuse to their designated waste disposal sites.
  • For proper wastes disposal, each city/municipality is required to identify and delineate specific sites for wastes disposal in their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plan.


  • There are 15 banking institutions in the province of Southern Leyte. These are:
    1. Philippine National Bank, Maasin City
    2. Land Bank of the Philippines, Maasin City and Sogod
    3. PCIB/Equitable Bank, Maasin City
    4. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Maasin City
    5. Metro Bank, Maasin City
    6. Allied Bank, Maasin City
    7. Development Bank of the Philippines, Maasin City
    8. United Coconut Planters Bank, Sogod
    9. Southern Leyte Cooperative Bank, Maasin City
    10. Rural Bank of Maasin, Maasin City
    11. First Inter-State Bank (Rural Bank of Kananga, (Leyte), Inc.), Maasin City and Sogod
    12. Rural Bank of Padre Burgos, Padre Burgos
    13. Rural Bank of Malitbog, Malitbog
    14. Rural Bank of San Juan, San Juan
    15. Green Bank of Caraga, Tunga,tunga, Maasin City


  • Postal communication system is the major means of communication in the province located in every city/municipality through Philippine Postal Corporation.
  • Cellular phone services:
    • GLOBE coverage:
      • Abgao & Mambajao, Maasin City
      • Sogod
      • Liloan
      • Hinundayan
      • Malitbog
    • SMART coverage:
      • Lonoy & Asuncion, Maasin City
      • Padre Burgos
      • Tomas Oppus
      • Bontoc
      • Sogod
      • Liloan
      • San Francisco
      • St. Bernard
      • San Juan
      • Hinundayan
      • Hinunangan
      • Silago
      • Macrohon
      • Libagon
      • Pintuyan
      • San Ricardo
  • Telephone companies:
    • PLDT
    • GLOBE
    • BUTEL
  • AM band radio stations:
    • DYDM, Maasin City
    • DYSL, Sogod
  • Cable TV stations:
    • Dream Cable TV in Tagnipa, Maasin City
    • Maasin Cable TV in Abgao, Maasin City
    • Happy Dove Cable TV in Abgao, Malitbog
    • Sogod Cable TV in Poblacion, Sogod
    • Fiesta Cable, Inc. in Sto NiƱo, San Juan
  • Some of the municipalities have public calling office via GLOBELINES and BUTEL telephone lines.
  • The city of Maasin and the municipalities of Sogod and Bontoc are already served with telephone landlines through GLOBE and BAYANTEL.
  • Local newspapers:
    • Southern Leyte Times
    • Maasin Mail
    • Southern Leyte Balita
  • Internet service providers for internet cafe services:
    • The SYNET at Asuncion, Maasin City
    • Catholic Media Center Sales & Services, Tunga-tunga, Maasin City
  • Other modes of communications:
    • SSB radios
    • Tele-fax machines
    • Cargo/envelope forwarders
      • JRS Express
      • Aboitiz Express
      • Fast Pack
      • LBC Express

Educational Facilities

  • Pre-Elementary (Private=22)
  • Elementary (Public=282 Private=11)
  • Secondary: (Public=37 Private=13)
  • Tertiary
    • Private Colleges
      • Saint Joseph College, Tunga-tunga, Maasin City
      • College of Maasin, Tunga-tunga, Maasin City
      • Saint. James College, Sta. Sofia, Padre Burgos
      • St. Thomas Aquinas College, Poblacion, Sogod
    • State University
      • Southern Leyte State University
        • Zone III, Sogod
        • Sta. Cruz, San Juan
        • Bangcas B, Hinunangan
        • San Ramon, Bontoc
        • San Isidro, Tomas Oppus
  • Computer Education
    • Southern Leyte Computer Institute (SLCI)
    • System Technology Institute (STI)

Energy Facilities

The principal source of electricity in Southern Leyte is the Tongonan Geothermal Plant in Ormoc City through the Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative (SOLECO) using three 69 KV transmission lines:

  • Baybay-Maasin 69 KV transmission line
  • Tolosa-Himay-angan 69 KV transmision line
  • Maasin-Himay-angan 69 KV transmission line

The province has a mini-hydro power plant in Hinabian, St. Bernard with 810 KW capacity but it needs rehabilitation.

Southern Leyte has a potential geothermal power source located in the towns of San Juan, Anahawan and Hinundayan. Based on initial survey results of PNOC, this source can generate 150 megawatts power which is more than enough to meet the power needs of the province and which could be sold to other neighboring provinces of Southern Leyte.

The municipality of Limasawa is being served by SOLECO through a diesel generator plant with 163 KVA capacity. This operates for five hours on the minimum every night. All of the 6 barangays of Limasawa are already energized.
As of December 31, 2004, out of the 500 barangays in the province only 81 barangays have no electricity yet as reported by SOLECO.

Road Network

  • Total road network of 2,906.915 kilometers distributed as follows:
    • National roads - 281.711 km. (9.7%)
    • Provincial roads - 364.284 km. (12.53%)
    • Municipal roads - 371.93 km. (12.79%)
    • Barangay roads - 1,888.99 km. (64.98%)
  • Road Network According To Type of Pavement in Kilometers, (2004)
    • Concrete (National=3,223.64 l.m. Provincial=240.70 l.m.)
    • Asphalt (National=463.58 l.m. Provincial=323.00 l.m.)
    • Gravel (National=589.07 l.m.)
    • Earth (National=754.32 l.m. Provincial=226.00 l.m.)


  • The province has a combination of deep wells, shallow wells, open wells/springs, and developed springs.


  • Airport : Panan-awan Airport in Maasin City, but is currently not functional, lacking necessary facilities.
  • Seaports:
    • National ports:
      • Maasin Port
      • Liloan Ferry Terminal
    • Municipal Ports:
      • Liloan Port
      • St. Bernard Port
      • San Juan Port
      • Sogod Port
  • Inter-Provincial Bus Terminals:
    • Silago
    • Hinunangan
    • Sogod
    • Liloan
    • Maasin City


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